"Apoxyomenos" was found underwater in 1996 near Losinj in Croatia




Original photo of Apoxyomenos by Matthew Bates




Apoxyomenos-Greek Statue




Original Photo that I took at Palazzo Medici in Firenze, Italy



Original Photo by Matthew Bates





Greek Statue - Apoxyomenos (Private Collection)

Oil on Canvas - 80cm x 100cm - ©2007, Matthew Bates, All Rights Reserved

In 2007 there was a great artistic event in Firenze, the exhibition of the recently restored "Apoxyomenos of Losinj" (Croatia). I was incredibly inspired by this masterpiece of antiquity. I took lots of photos of the statue, and the above painting was inspired directly from my visit to Palazzo Medici, where the statue was on display. The painting is larger than life, made this way so I could explore the intricate details of this Greek jewel which is over 2000 years old.

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