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by Matthew Bates

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 Step 4. Adding Pages and Linking - Uploading Your Site On-Line

Now that you have your homepage made it is time to make the other pages of your site. What you want is to make links from the homepage to the individual pages which will highlight each painting with a larger image and technical information about each image. We will start with your biography page. Go to dreamweaver and open a new page. In page properties, Title the page "Biography of Your Name - who makes art in the style (that you make it in)". Add a table with 1 row and 1 column and 800 pixels of width. Copy and paste from Word your biography, or type it directly in the table. On the bottom of the page type Homepage, and hylight it with your mouse. In the properties area of dreamweaver go to the link box and type: you will see that the word homepage turns blue with a line through it, this is a hyperlink and if clicked it will take you directly to your home page. Save the file as Biography-of-Your-Name.htm and we are ready to create the other pages of the site.

In Dreamweaver, create a new file and go to page properties. Title the page with the name of the artwork, better to use a title that someone will actually write in a search engine; for example: "Summer in Tuscany" is a better title than "La strada per Castelfiorentino". Both titles are descriptive, but only one has any chance of international exposure. Choose a background color and return to the main area. Add a table with 2 rows and 1 column. In the first top part of the table insert an image of your artwork, one of the larger ones. Click on the second cell of the table and name the artwork. Add size, style and copyright information, then write: Home / Biography. Make a hyperlink for your home page and for your biography page as we did in the first part of this section. You can also choose a file from the properties menu by clicking on the little yellow file icon next to the link menu. Choose each file from the menu and you will have made your hyperlink. Remember to select the entire word so that the hyperlink will look and work correctly. It should look like this:

Art Work

Oil on Canvas - 60cm x 80cm

©2010, YourName, Your City

Home / Biography


Now save the file making sure that it is named the name of the painting, such as Art-Work.htm. Now that you have one page made all you have to do is substitute the image files with new artwork and change the technical information. Make sure to change the page's title in the modify>page properties menu so that each page has it's correct title. When you have all of the new information go to the file menu and choose Save As making sure that you save it with a different name such as Art-Work-2.htm . When you have made all of your pages for all of your artwork. Open your index.html file in Dreamweaver and click on the first thumbnail image. In the properties section link the image to the .htm file it corresponds to. Continue doing this until all of the images are hyper linked to the pages they are related to. Also make sure that the biography page is hyperlink to the biography.htm file so that everything on the homepage is connected correctly. Save the file.

Connect to the internet and choose the site menu. Choose Put and the file will be placed onto the internet on your server. Continue opening all of the pages of your site and Put them onto your server. When all of the pages are on-line open your browser and type in your website address. You will see your homepage! Now click on one of the thumbnail images and you will go to that page. Click on the home hyperlink on the bottom of the page and return to the main homepage. You now have a fully functioning website which you can tell all of your friends about. When they ask you who made it for you, you can tell them that you made it yourself!

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