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Yellow Iris


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Landscapes Gallery

Casa del Prosciutto (2002)
Singing Beach (2000)
Chianti (2000)
Cypress Trees (1998)
Tuscan Spring (2004)
Tuscan Summer Road (2006)


Still Life Gallery

New York Still Life (2001)
Villa Cafaggio Still Life (2002)
Pandora's Box (2001)
Cherries (2001)
Pepper Still Life (2003)
Roman Still Life (2002)


Neel Gallery

Matthew Bates is Represented by Neel Gallery in Paris


Matthew Bates




Cityscapes Gallery

Mercato di San Lorenzo (2006)

Botticelli e Filippino (2004)

Piazza Frescobaldi (2003)

Campanile di Giotto (2003)

Santa Trinità Bridge (2002)
Cestello (2001)
Santo Spirito Reflection (2001)
Manola on the Terrace (1997)
Via del Corso (2005)
Lovers in Santa Croce (2005)

Sunset & Silhouette (2007)

Sunset & Silhouette
Waiting in Line at the Uffizi (2007)

Santa Trinita Revisited (2007)

Santa Trinita Revisited
SoHo, New York City (2007)
Venezia (2005)
Firenze (2005)
Tuscany (2005)
Autumn (2005)
Vienna (2005)


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Flowers Gallery

Flower Still Life (2004)
La Primavera (2002)
Iris Garden (2004)
Flower Still Life (2004)
Orchids (2002)
Orchids (2006)
Johnny's Poppies (2001)
Poppies (1996)
Yellow Iris (2006)
Red Rose (2006)
Black Tulip (2005)
Little Pink Rose (2007)
Little Pink Rose
Tulips (2007)
Pitti Lillies (1996)
Pitti Lillies
Il Giglio (2001)
Il Giglio
Holy Water (1995)
Cavalli della Signoria (2001)
Dawn (1998)
Notte (1995)
Aurora (2005)
Apoxyomenos (2007)
Angelo della Pace (2003)


Paintings with a red dot indicate that the original is no longer available.

©2008, Matthew Bates, Firenze, Italia. Reproduction of Matthew Bates' artwork is prohibited unless authorized in writing by Matthew Bates.

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